Buy a case & sell the future. Become a retailer?

Do you want to be a retailer?

Let’s make it happen because together we can accomplish the mission: to turn Ocean Trash bracelets into limited edition jewelry.

Whether you are running a (surf)store, beach bar, marina, a foundation, a surf school or a waterfront B&B, if you want to resell my Ocean Trash let’s make it happen.
If you share my love for the ocean, nature and believe in the possibilities of Ocean Trash, we might make a good team.
If you are interested, I would love to find out who you are, what kind of business you run and why you would be interested in this fabulous brand. I hope you can tell me why you would be a good partner in crime. Let’s talk?

But first some ins & outs..
– You don’t try, you buy. Meaning : no consignment.
– Minimum order quantity is a 100 pieces (more is better)
– Don’t worry, you are not attached for life, if you want to leave after selling the first case, you can. But I think you like to stay. Let’s find out?
– The beautiful wooden case including ‘the Story’ will be your display. That means you never have to walk around empty handed, you can easily bring your business wherever you go.
– You show the world (frequently – on- / offline) with pride that you resell, support & share the story of Ocean Trash.
– a % will be donated to charity. Together we will find a worthy cause.

Like to know more? Great.
If you can please visit me in my Studio (Studio Oceans in Kimswerd) to see all you need to see. Send me an e-mail to to set the date and let’s see if we can ride this wave together. Can’t pay a visit because you live overseas? No problem. Send me an email and tell me you like to learn more.