Find some Love for on the wall?

The good part, the basis and the starting point of it all: my paintings and my resin oceans. On this page you will find an overview of many of the paintings & Oceans I have created over the years. I hope you love the ocean as much as I do.
Dive in my Shop to take home one of these beauties or if you prefer a Studio visit make sure you set the date. Coffee will be warm or wine will be cold, just say the word and I have everything prepared for you. Set the date via

Is your favourite piece sold? No worries, my art is available as prints (print on demand).  Have a look around and if you feel a bit lost, just say the word and I will help out.

Do you have a specific painting wish? I paint on commission too. I can work from photographs or descriptions of your dream picture and bring it to life on canvas. Like to know more? Read more about it here.


Resin Oceans


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