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Hello pretty you

Do we both share the same passion for the beauty of nature? Do we both feel at ease when we are close to Mother Ocean? Do we both have the desire to travel the world and be free as a bird? Do we both love Art that brings the colors of outside inside?
I truly hope so…..because all those things contribute to the existence of SurfArt. Stories created in oil paint that show the beauty of what’s out there.
Besides original (& custom made) paintings you will find driftwood items for your interior, bracelets made from Ocean Trash & SurfArt fashion.
Created & handmade with all the love in the world.
By me, myself & I.

My name is Marieke, I am SurfArt. And this is my world.
Stay with me a while?


SurfArt the artist Marieke Meijs

Painting dreams

artist surfart marieke meijs

Your dream on canvas? 

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Exhibition Thays Art Gallery & Studio Florida

Surf & Ocean International art show

I visited Oahu from July 14-28 where I was part of the 1st 2018 Surf & Ocean International Art Show.
I was there to represent my ‘‘Dreamer girl’.

SurfArt Dreamer girl

Missed the show but you would like to read all about this show and the next edition?
Visit the the page of the amazing Hilton Alves right here.

Where to buy SurfArt? 

Prefer offline shopping over online shopping? So do I!  Make your way to one of the amazing stores here below, and enjoy your quality shopping time while you’re there! Don’t forget to say Hi from Marieke 😉