surfart beach clean upTime to give back

Maybe you know I spend a lot of time on the beach not only for surfing & beachwalks, but I also collect trash. I will bring home trash that can be used for creating OceanTrash bracelets. The rest will end up in the bin where it belongs. I know every step you take is worth while no matter how small or big that is. A % is donated to charity, one of them is the Surfrider Foundation. 

And I have a very good reason why:

The Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast is there for everyone who loves and wants to protect the ocean, coastlines and surfspots. Fully suported by passionate volunteers, they work hard to create awareness among young and old. Through campaigns, education, events and projects they work together with 28 other European chapterson on their local and international objectives; clean water, clean beaches and the protection of surf spots.
If you want you can join them and become a member of the Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast. More information about the amazing projects they work on or how to become a member? Find it here: Surfrider