Customer reviews


I met the owner after purchasing one of her paintings via her online shop. We discussed the options and she made a matching frame. The result is beautiful!  I had another big empty wall in my living room so I ended up at SurfArt again. I asked here to make a bigger painting of an existing painting she made in the past. And she could! I enjoy her art every day.  There is 1 disadvantage, you get so greedy 😉

Sandra Middendorp


In my busy life, I think it is important to go home and relax in my nicely decorated place. The items made by SurfArt contribute to that in a good way. Unique, and handmade with care. It is good to be surrounded by Art that reminds me of the outdoor life that I love so much.

Rianne Bakker– Founder Sup Spirit


I simply love SurfArt products! I think it is impressive to see what
she makes. I love that it is easy to get in touch, and she is
grateful for every order.
Every surfer should own SurfArt  😎😍

Ymkje Visser


Art that reminds you of Summer. Everything she touches transforms into Summer whether it is a painting on canvas or a beach towel, she will make it special. Hang loose and keep going!

Elko Londo


SurfArts creations are straight from the heart. You can feel that, you can see that .Every time I look at her work I feel butterflies in my stomach. I feel like heading for the ocean, dream about travels or I come home in this fantastic surfvibe that I love so much. I think it is special that someone can bring the inner me to life so well. Thats what makes you a true artist!

Sophie Pietersen

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