Pour your Ocean?


Drawn to the Ocean? So am I. Let’s create one just for you!

Do you have a specific wish? Perhaps you love cristal turqouise waters? Or do you prefer wild & blue? How about marine life handpainted in the Ocean or perhaps just a perfect set of waves rollin’ in?

I pour ‘Oceans’ on commission too. That can be a piece on the wall, but I can also create an Ocean on your table top, your (restaurant) bar, or a door perhaps. Let’s discuss the options.
I can work from photographs or descriptions of your dream picture and bring it to life with resin.

Note: all pieces are a 100% unique and can not be copied. I can create a piece for you based on an existing piece that I created before, but all Oceans will be one of a kind. 

Considering the needed materials and time and creative effort prices start from €1000,-  per metre.
If you are interested just press the order-button on this item and I will get in touch! No worries, that does not mean strings are attached. Information or a sit down and talk is for free. From there on you get to decide.

Hope to hear from you.